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Our Podcast

Prince Kai Fan Pod is a Marissa Meyer Book Club Podcast! 

Join host and creator Bethanie and fantastic guests on a Read-Along Journey through all of Marissa Meyer's Books, starting with The Lunar Chronicles!

We will discuss each book, in order, chapter by chapter, Spoiler Free! For each chapter we will pick our favorite quotes, a song to name the chapter after, and try to find any 'Easter Eggs' foreshadowing events in the future! Listen now as we start The Lunar Chronicles Series with Cinder! 

*New Episodes every other Monday Morning

*Fan Art Friday featured weekly

*Music Credit to @emmarae406

*Logo Credit to artist @sunlitangles

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Creator and Host

Bethanie Finger is a proud Ravenclaw, book dragon, and military spouse. She has a bachelor's degree in Library and Information Sciences and a master's Degree In LIS with a focus on Young Adult and Children's Literature. 

In 2021, Bethanie became a certified American Library Association Youth Services and Literature Specialist. 

Bethanie is living her happily ever after with her husband and their two dogs.  In her spare time, Bethanie enjoys crocheting, reading, walking, writing, and running.

She is the proud founder and host of Prince Kai Fan Pod, a podcast she had talked about doing for two years before deciding to just go for it!

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